Ecology of Nature : Otakus Youth Group

OTAKUS Youth Group, The Vault, Arklow

In February 2020 OTAKUS started a project with ecological artist Ashleigh Downey. That’s myself! Once a week we met to examine the Ecology of Nature. Using STEAM as methodology, we combined art with natural science to explore natural ecology and how this ecology may relate to us, and our own lives.

STEAM EDUCATION : ‘an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding (participant) inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.’  – Institute of Arts Intergration and STEAM

STEM FOCUS : Examine the ecology of nature through natural science methodologies; disciplines include biology, botany, and the chemistry of natural dying and colour extraction.

ART FORM : Explore the ecology of nature through visual art and mindfulness; multi-disciplinary, including journaling, drawing, photography, natural dying, nature printing and collage, walking, sound-scaping, and deep listening.

Sincere Gratitude to the NYCI for funded this project – STEAM in Youth Work Residency Grant Scheme. A project collaboration between Otakus Youth Group, ecological artist Ashleigh Downey, and youth worker Angeline Pluck – East Wicklow Youth Service, and the National Youth Council of Ireland.